ListNumbering attribute for ordered list

PAC 2 Error

N/A (Requires human inspection): ListNumbering attribute for ordered list


Checkpoint 16: Lists

Failure Condition

Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 16-001: List is an ordered list, but no value for the ListNumbering attribute is present.

Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 16-002: List is an ordered list, but the ListNumbering value is not one of the following: Decimal, UpperRoman, LowerRoman, UpperAlpha, LowerAlpha.


In Acrobat Pro, in the Tags pane, right-click the List tag associated with the ordered list and select Properties. In the Tag tab of the Object Properties dialog, click the Edit Attribute Objects button. In the Attributes dialog, if a “/Attribute Object 1 <<Dictionary>>” does not exist, click the New Item button to create one.  Expand “/Attribute Object 1 <<Dictionary>>” and select the “/O /Layout” item. Click the Change Item button and change the Value to “List”. Select “/Attribute Object 1 <<Dictionary>>” and click the New Item button. Enter ListNumbering in the Key field; enter the appropriate value (Decimal, UpperRoman, LowerRoman, UpperAlpha, or LowerAlpha) in the Value field; leave the Value Type as Name.

Example PDF with this error

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