Irregular table (span attributes)

PAC 2 Warning

Irregular table


Logical Structure: Structure Elements: Tables

Failure Condition

Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 15-005: A given cell’s header cannot be unambiguously determined.


This suggestion applies to a complex table (one or more rows span multiple columns, and/or one or more columns span multiple rows) in which the column and/or row span attributes have not been set correctly.

In PAC 2, inspect the table using the Screenreader Preview feature to determine the cause of the table irregularity – that is, where do table cell row and/or column span attributes need to be adjusted such that the table makes sense when presented through assistive technology. In the Acrobat Pro, select the Touch Up Reading Order tool. Right-click anywhere in the table and select the Table Editor. With the Table Editor enabled, right click a cell and select Table Cell Properties. In the Table Cell Properties dialog, set the Row Span and/or Column Span attributes. Click OK. Repeat as needed for other cells. Recheck the table in PAC 2 to verify the warning is resolved. Use the Screenreader Preview feature to verify the table is properly configured.

Example PDF with this error

Video version of this tutorial: