Header and footer artifacts

PAC 2 Error

N/A (Requires human inspection): Header and footer artifacts


Checkpoint 18: Page Headers and Footers

Failure Condition

Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 18-001: Headers and footers are not marked as pagination artifacts.

Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 18-002: Header or footer artifacts are not classified as Header or Footer subtypes.


In Acrobat Pro, in the Content pane, select the objects that compose the page header or footer. Right click and select Create Artifact. In the Create Artifact dialog, select Pagination as the Artifact Type, click OK. In the Content pane, right-click the Container <Artifact> and select Edit Container Dictionary. In the Container Dictionary Editor dialog, select the Container Dictionary and click New Item. In the Add Key and Value dialog, enter Subtype in the Key field, enter either Header or Footer in the Value field, and leave the Value Type as Name. The result should look something like this:

Container Dictionary
…../Type   /Pagination
…../Subtype   /Header

Example PDF with this error

Video version of this tutorial: