Figure element on a single page with no bounding box

PAC 2 Error

Figure element on a single page with no bounding box


PDF/UA > Logical Structure > Structure Elements > Figures > Bounding Boxes

Failure Condition

ISO standard 32000, which defines the Portable Document Format, requires certain graphical elements to have a bounding box.


In the PAC 2 test report, click the error to see the location of the figure in the document. In Acrobat Pro, select the Touch Up Reading Order tool, then right-click the figure and select Edit Alternate Text. Copy the existing Alternate Text. In the Tags pane, select and delete the Figure tag. Retag the content as a new Figure using the Touch Up Reading Order tool. Right click the figure, select Edit Alternate Text, and paste the alternate text back in. Verify proper placement of the Figure tag in the Tags pane to ensure proper reading order. If you would like to verify the bounding box was created, right-click the Figure tag, select properties, on the Tag tab of the Object Properties dialog click the Edit Attribute Objects button, expand the Attribute Objects to find “/BBox [Array]”.

Example PDF with this error

Video version of this suggestion: