Dealing with Form XObjects

PAC 2 Error




Failure Condition

Some content elements cannot be tagged properly due to being grouped together into one or more Form XObject.


What seems to work best for me is to …

  1. Extract the pages as separate files: In Acrobat Pro, open the Page Thumbnails pane; select all the pages; right-click and select Extract Pages; in the Extract Pages dialogue, check the Extract Pages as Separate Files checkbox and click OK.
  2. Drag-and-drop the content elements out of the Form XObjects: Open each new single-page PDF in turn; open the Content pane; expand the page then expand the Form XObjects; hold down the [ctrl] key, select each of the content element inside of the Form XObjects; drag the content elements outside of the FormXObjects.
  3. Delete the empty Form XObjects.
  4. Re-combine the pages into a single document.

I should now be able to tag the content properly.

Example PDF with this error